Condominium Conversion

If you are interested in converting residential or commercial property into a condominium, Lepis Law has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. Condominium conversion is a specialized area of real estate law, and requires the expertise of an experienced lawyer.

The Lepis Law firm has engaged in the practice of Real Estate Law for over 80 years.

Attorney Anne Lepis  is able to provide clients with rich and relevant knowledge of the specific aspects of condominium conversions while offering affordable fees. We work with clients seeking to convert anything from two-family dwellings to multi-unit apartment buildings into condominiums. We navigate our clients through this complex area and make it a priority to educate and inform them of financial advantages, as well as common tax pitfalls.

Some of the legal services we provide include:

  • a determination of the value of the unit(s),
  • analysis of present and existing mortgages, and, if necessary,
  • obtaining a partial release of an existing mortgage. 
Please contact Anne Lepis for more information or to schedule an appointment please email us.

The Lepis Law Firm has been in the Five Corners area of Jersey City for 80 years, making it one of the oldest firms in Hudson County.  Lepis Law represents clients in residential and commercial real estate transactions, wills-probate & company formations.